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8221 Glades Rd #11 Boca Raton, FL 33434

At BARCLAY’s at the Box, there are no curtains to hide behind. The focus is on the performer and the story happens all around you. Established at the Boca Black Box 5 months after it opened, BARCLAY Performing Arts began welcoming students ages 3 & older to join its educational community, professional classes and productions. At a time when technology “rules”, BARCLAY’s at the Box remembers its priorities. Eye contact, clarity of speech and confidence - three key ingredients to create an honest, unique and moving human experience for both the actor and the audience. With this in mind, the motto and mantra ‘find your voice, sing your song’ was born. The combination of unique, stylized, multi-disciplinary training and a professional theatre at your fingertips is just some of what sets BARCLAY Performing Arts at the Box apart from the standard performing arts school.

Founded in honor of her talented, theatrical and musical family and with the intention to honor her late father - director, educator, actor and mentor, John Barclay, Christine Barclay designed BARCLAY Performing Arts to allow talent and confidence to grow and flourish in each student. She works with her students to discover their personal balance and to encourage passion, pride, patience and tolerance so needed in our world today. Christine encourages her students to appreciate diversity and understanding by building a community invested in collective hard work which is, first and foremost, FUN! She believes in the importance and power of the arts to incorporate so many necessary disciplines and is dedicated to keeping artistic venues alive and thriving for families in each of our communities.With a new and exciting year of classes and shows for ALL ages starting this August, BARCLAY Performing Arts at the Box has something for everyone.​Visit BocaBlackBox.com for more venue info!

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Christine Barclay About The Business

"Cause you're only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you're nothing."

​              - Robin Williams

We ​believe in the power of the performing arts. We believe that the skills acquired through pursuing an education in the performing arts will not only help students of all ages 'find their voice', but will in turn help to develop creative, confident, and passionate members of our community. Whether you take an acting class, musical theatre class, piano or voice class, or find your inner star through participating in our show programs, you will have an individualized experience with an instructor who has chosen to teach because they themselves believe in the power of what they do. Our program is designed to promote a healthy, exciting and enjoyable relationship between the actors and their audience. By providing our community with consistent, quality entertainment and tangible human experiences that are free from a computer screen or a cell phone, we are helping to keep the art of communication, storytelling, and entertainment alive... one actor at a time.

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